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Making Space

Making Space

This project took place during Brighton’s first Digital Festival in 2011.

Multiple members from my University of Brighton Digital Media Arts MA course (calling ourselves Resonance Arts) were invited to use the Fabrica Gallery space to create and test a project to be possibly shown at an event with the theme of Utopia. We were given 6 days to create work during which the public were invited in to test it and give feedback.

The installation was to be a series of outdoor geodesic domes which would project sound and light and be controllable using a digital device by the audience. They would be able to create harmony or dischord through creating various colour and sound combinations.

We made plans to show the work during the following White Night outdoors in Brighton next to St. Peters Church, but unfortunately were not able to participate. The project was subsequently never fully realised.

Here is a visual sketch of how the domes would have looked at St. Peters Church

Impression of domes in situ during White Night


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4th March 2015